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Grilamid FWA

Food and Water Contact Approved

Grilamid PA12 FWA products open up new opportunities for applications in direct contact with drinking water or food.

Grilamid PA12 products have unique properties such as:

  • Very low water absorption
  • High dimensional stability
  • Excellent chemical and UV resistance
  • Strong hydrolysis resistance
  • High impact strength in combination with high elongation compared to other technical polymers with identical stiffness values
  • Very favourable processing parameters due to low mould and material temperatures compared to most other engineering plastics

Grilamid FWA products are available in two different series with 30% to 65% glass fibers depending on the maximum application temperatures in contact with potable water and according to existing approvals.

In water up to 60°CIn water up to 85°C
Grilamid LV-30H FWAGrilamid LBV-30H FWA
Grilamid LV-50H FWAGrilamid LBV-50H FWA
Grilamid LV-65H FWAGrilamid LBV-65H FWA

Besides the above standard Grilamid FWA grades in natural and black, specific custom colours are possible on request at any time, even for small order quantities.

In addition, non-reinforced and glass-bead reinforced products are also available to customers.

Grilamid FWA products satisfy the requirements of the most important standards and regulations in Europe and North America, such as WRAS, ACS, KTW, NSF and FDA. Detailed information is available in each product-specific datasheet, which can be downloaded from EMS Material Database.

For further details such as long term behaviour in water according to ISO 9080, please contact your nearest EMS-GRIVORY sales office.

Grilamid FWA products have been especially developed for the replacement of more costly metal and other high performance polymers. Their favourable moulding conditions make them particularly suitable for thick-walled as well as very thin-walled components which are difficult or impossible to mould with other polymers.

Grilamid FWA products excellently complement the Grivory GV...FWA and Grivory HT…FWA product lines which are also tailor-made for applications involving direct contact with drinking water and food.