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Industry & Consumer goods

Challenging metal-replacement applications in the field of industrial and consumer goods

Quality and performance features of applications in the field of industrial and consumer goods are greatly influenced by the choice of material to be used.

In a range of applications in mechanical engineering, polyamides from EMS-GRIVORY satisfy continually increasing requirements for cost reduction without compromising on operating safety.

In addition, with their low weight they help to improve the energy efficiency of the machines. Exceptionally high strength, resistance to impact and abrasion as well as good chemical resistance, make them the first choice for precise pneumatic valves in automation technology, guides in fast-cycle textile machines and gear wheels or other force-transmitting components of all kinds.

Diverse fields of application

In the construction and furniture industries, components are exposed to permanently high static loads for 10 years or more. The unparalleled creep resistance of semi-aromatic Grivory grades make applications possible using tension anchors without thermal bridges, furniture connectors and housings for spring-loaded hinges in kitchen cupboards.

Sanitary installations are subject to permanent water pressure. Tapping sleeves for household water supply lines are designed for a working life of 50 years. Grivory or Grilamid are the preferred materials for manufacture of the latest generation of water meters, filters and shower thermostats, and allow significant cost advantages to be achieved compared to use of brass. In the heating and climate control sector, Grivory is used for water-carrying components for ventilator fans and in heating systems.

Household appliances as well as sport and leisure time articles are among applications in the field of consumer goods. Components for sport applications face particularly high demands with regard to weight and strength. In the manufacture of coffee machines, Grivory satisfies all regulatory directives for contact with foodstuffs and requirements regarding neutral taste and resistance to hot water.

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