EMS-GRIVORY Quality standards

Quality standards

Our quality management system is based on the international standards ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 and is certified by the Swiss Association for Quality & Management Systems (SQS). Compared to the ISO 9001 which is used worldwide, the new rulings of IATF 16949, compiled by the international automotive industry, are more far-reaching and stricter.

Our management system is process-oriented; primary goal is customer satisfaction. Our efforts are concentrated on conformance with quality requirements and appropriate use of resources.

The quality planning cycle starts with market research and ends with customer services. In the intermediate development phase, research and manufacturing teams face particularly challenging tasks. Development projects are tackled by interdepartmental teams using simultaneous engineering processes. Team members are not limited to thinking and acting solely within the categories of their own departments but work towards a mutual objective. During this work, state of the art technology (such as statistical experimental design) and preventive methods (such as failure mode and influence analysis) play a central role. The guiding principle of project management is to avoiding mistakes before solving them.

For new or changed products we apply the product release processes requested by our automotive customers.

Statistical process control is used to monitor and improve our manufacturing processes. The accuracy of our equipment is monitored in measuring and testing equipment inspections.

Continuous improvement of products, services and productivity is the subject of official improvement programmes which must be followed by all our employees.

Our quality management system serves first and foremost our customers. The main focus point is actual customer requirements and not bureaucratic processes.