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Research & Development

Innovation is essential

Research & Development

Innovation is essential to EMS-GRIVORY’s success. By developing new products, the R&D team lays the foundation for continuous innovation in EMS-GRIVORY’s speciality portfolio. Research and development involves chemists, physicists and engineers working together on developing and improving our products and processes, thus guaranteeing a multidisciplinary approach. Offering our customers tailor-made products is the guiding principle behind our developments, be they customised product developments or long-term innovations. We help our customers develop new applications with an extensive product characterisation service. Technical documentation forms the basis for component design. The necessary licences are already taken into consideration during product development, facilitating market launch in the target applications.
EMS-GRIVORY’s current product range bears witness to the high calibre of the company’s research and development team.

Customised product development

Customised product development means providing our customers with products tailored precisely to their requirements. This could mean anything from carrying out minor modifications to developing a completely new product.

EMS-GRIVORY is ready for anything. Highly-skilled employees help transform a list of requirements into new products. Machining tests are run in collaboration with application development to check the product’s machinability at regular intervals during development. Large-scale product manufacture is secured already during the development phase.

Our customers can use our Colour Service for all their colour matching requirements, meaning our products can impress aesthetically as well as technologically.


Long-term innovations

Research and development at EMS-GRIVORY contributes to long-term, long-lasting innovations. Our successful product ranges testify to this:

  • Grivory GV, the proven material for metal replacement
    With Grivory GV, we have created a material ideally suited to metal replacement thanks to its high levels of stiffness and strength. The latest-generation Grivory GVX is also evidence of how a good product can still be continuously improved.
  • Grivory HT, enhanced performance at high temperatures
    This highly temperature-resistant polyphthalamide has impressive dimensional stability, strength and chemical resistance, even at high operating temperatures. It is a successful example of innovative product and process development.
  • Grilamid TR, transparent polyamide for the most exacting requirements
    The amorphous Grilamid TR products combine the advantageous properties of semi-crystalline polyamide 12 with the excellent transparency of amorphous materials. The result is a high-end material that provides inspiration for new design ideas.

The basis for all new developments is an idea-management philosophy that gives every employee their say. Product developments are enhanced by the latest research, which is expanded on an ongoing basis through contact with several universities.

Product characterisation

EMS-GRIVORY’s material-testing team has modern, well-equipped testing laboratories located in Domat/Ems (Switzerland), Gross-Umstadt (Germany), Sumter (USA) and Suzhou (China). This means that new applications and products are given efficient, expert support.

The facilities are geared towards the following market segments: automotive, industry & consumer goods, electro & electronics, optics and packaging. The following tests are carried out:

  • mechanical tests
  • thermal tests
  • fire tests
  • electrical tests
  • rheological tests
  • resistance to media and environmental influences
  • burst pressure, creep, compressive stress and hot water circulation tests
  • permeation tests
  • thermoanalysis
  • spectroscopy
  • chromatography
  • microscopy

Detailed profiles of the properties of our main products are available in the EMS Material Database, which anyone can access. In addition, our customers may contact the Material Testing department at any time if they have any questions regarding material selection or further testing.



The Regulatory Affairs group is responsible for all aspects of product safety and approvals, e.g. for use of products in applications involving contact with foodstuffs or drinking water, sanitary components or electrical devices.

Right from the outset, new products developed by EMS-GRIVORY’s Research & Development team are designed so that they can be used efficiently in their corresponding target applications.

To ensure this, Regulatory Affairs issue self-declarations confirming compliance with the applicable statutory requirements and arranges external approvals, e.g. for organic materials in drinking water (Kunststoffe im Trinkwasser, KTW) or with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) or UL (Underwriters Laboratories).

Regulatory Affairs monitors changing legal requirements with regard to the environment (e.g. REACH) at a global level. Measures to keep our products compliant with legislation are coordinated with Research & Development.