Higher performance in water (EMS-GRIVORY)

The high hydrolysis stability Grivory HT "High Hydrolysis Resistance" is the latest supplement to the Grivory HT assortment from EMS-GRIVORY. This product line offers highest hydrolysis resistance at elevated temperatures – but this is not the only positive point. more

Grivory HT "High Temperature" renamed Grivory HT6 (EMS-GRIVORY)

EMS-GRIVORY presented the new Grivory HT "High Temperature" at the K 2016. The product line is the next generation of Grivory HT. To emphasise this, the product has been renamed Grivory HT6. more

Transparent, reliable and safe (EMS-GRIVORY)

Grilamid TR 50, which has been available since the start of 2018, combines the high stiffness of Grilamid TR 30 with the optical quality, ductility, and toughness of Grilamid TR 90. Despite a 44% higher elastic modulus than Grilamid TR 90, it achieves the same transparency and clarity; its optical values of 0.2% haze and a Yellowness Index YI of 1.5, are at a very high level. more

EMS-GRIVORY shines at the SPE Award Night (EMS-GRIVORY)

At the 18th SPE Award Night of the "Society of Plastics Engineers", EMS was one of the radiant winners of the evening. Three innovative applications made of EMS polymers were each nominated for a SPE Automotive Award and all three were prize winners! more

EMS-GRIVORY cooperates with API-Trinseo (EMS-GRIVORY)

EMS-GRIVORY has a tailor-made portfolio of polyamides for optic applications. In order to offer customers well-founded solutions with regard to hard/soft combinations, the Swiss polyamide expert will be cooperating with elastomer manufacturer API-Trinseo. more

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