New low emission Griltex Copolyamides for the automotive industry

New low emission Griltex Copolyamides for the automotive industry


Cars and emissions were an issue before the Global warming discussion started. Already 25 years ago lead as an antiknock additive was frowned at. Then the catalyst eased the conscience of the motorists. In order to protect the passengers from what comes in and not only the environment from what comes out of a vehicle, better air filters were installed. In the mean time these filters are so effective that some pollen allergic people do not want to leave their car in spring time.

How does one as a motorist protect oneself against substances which are released from the components of the passenger compartment? The manufacturer has to be precautious.

By not using any emitting materials for the manufacture, the most effective reduction is achieved. Improved measurement instruments allow the setting of limits, which failed in the process technology only a few years ago.

Before the discussion about emissions started, Copolyamides were, despite their higher price, preferred compared to Copolyesters. What are their benefits? Copolyamides surpass the Copolyesters in heat resistance - at equal physical properties - by 10 - 15°C. The possibility to use lower melting products is of significant advantage when temperature-sensitive substrates are used. The higher price is in large part compensated by the improved specific bonding, i.e. reduced use of material. In light decorative materials the lower amount of adhesive also results in a better, more even surface structure. Further advantages are high transparency as well as the very good hydrolysis resistance.

With Griltex D 2118A and D 2149A EMS-GRILTECH offers two new Copolyamides, which meet the requirements of the automotive industry in terms of bonding strength, heat resistance and emissions. That does not mean that they can be used in vehicles only.

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