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"Innovation and Woman Power" at the Annual General Meeting 2019 of the EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG

- Record number of 2,611 participants; 91.1% of shares entitled to vote

- The stars of Swiss Folk Music "Oesch's die Dritten" rocked the audience

- Payment of a dividend of CHF 19.75 per share


The invitation to the 56th Annual General Meeting of the EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG on August 10, 2019 in Domat/Ems, was again followed by a large gathering of 2,611 people – a new participant record. A total of 19,923,451 registered shares were represented, corresponding to 91.1% of all shares entitled to vote.

The stars of traditional Swiss music, "Oesch's die Dritten", performed with their overwhelming folk music in the full marquee on the EMS-CHEMIE production site. As a special highlight, the EMS CEO, Magdalena Martullo joined the Oesch Family on stage and sang along with the power-voice of Melanie Oesch.

Shareholders were amazed by the presentation by EMS employees and apprentices of innovative applications using EMS special polymers, which make a sustainable contribution towards the environment. In this way, EMS reduces energy consumption by 30% with an innovatively designed ventilation fan, which is based on the shape of whale fins. Thanks to a sterilisable EMS material, disposable medical articles can, in future, be reused several times. EMS apprentices also built a new EMS production unit which, starting in autumn 2019, will produce three times the volume of product with only half the energy consumption.

The finale of the major event was marked again this year by the Drum Corps Domat/Ems in their historic uniforms.

In the official part, the Annual General Meeting approved all proposals from the Board of Directors. Shareholders will receive an ordinary dividend of CHF 15.50 gross and an extraordinary dividend of CHF 4.25 gross for each dividend-bearing share. Dividend payment will commence on August 15, 2019. EMS shares will be traded ex-dividend from August 13, 2019.

The current members of the Board of Directors were re-elected - Dr. Ulf Berg (Chairman), Magdalena Martullo (Vice President), Dr. Joachim Streu, Bernhard Merki and Christoph Mäder - as well as Ernst & Young AG, Zurich, as statutory auditor and Dr. iur. Robert K. Däppen as independent proxy, all for a further one-year term.

In the extended marquee on the production site at Domat/Ems, shareholders were served a three-course lunch menu – naturally with the Grisons Farmer's Veal Bratwurst sausages as main course. 4 chefs from the Cantinetta Bialla, together with 53 helpers from the sports club Männerriege Tamins and the Country Women's Association, were responsible for the preparation of 145 kg green salad, 77 kg Grisons air-dried meat, 2,650 Grisons Farmer's veal Bratwurst sausages, 280 kg green beans, 485 kg potatoes and 310 kg panna cotta with 60 kg fresh berries. The 3-course lunch was served to the 2,611 guests by 127 members of various local clubs from the region.

Shareholders were then able to visit the very popular exhibition about the history of EMS-CHEMIE (more than 24,800 visitors to date), as well as the first Grisons Science Center EMSORAMA (more than 14,800 visitors to date).