Transparent, reliable and safe

Grilamid TR 50 is the latest addition to Ems-Grivory's amorphous polyamide product range. The new material combines properties such as high stiffness, optical quality, and chemical resistance with high ductility and toughness.


Grilamid TR 50, which has been available since the start of 2018, combines the high stiffness of Grilamid TR 30 with the optical quality, ductility, and toughness of Grilamid TR 90. Despite a 44% higher elastic modulus than Grilamid TR 90, it achieves the same transparency and clarity; its optical values of 0.2% haze and a Yellowness Index YI of 1.5, are at a very high level.

Grilamid TR 50 increases safety and cost effectiveness in many critical plastics applications. It is an addition to the existing Grilamid TR range of transparent amorphous polyamides and a bisphenol A-free replacement for polycarbonate. With its excellent property combination, various specially tailored grades, and wide color options, the new material ensures safe, transparent applications.

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