More nature in winter sports

For many years, ski touring and off-piste skiing have enjoyed increasing popularity and are establishing themselves as emerging trend sports. EMS-GRIVORY has proven to be extremely successful in this area, offering a wide range of Grilamid PA12 special grades. Given the growing need not only to offer the best material properties, but also to minimise the ecological footprint of the products, EMS-GRIVORY now presents tailor-made PA610 products with outstanding property profiles for this special niche market.


The two partly bio-based PA610 products Grilamid 2S XE 10901 NATURAL (very high flexibility) and 2S XE 11364 NATURAL (medium flexibility) are now used by well-known manufacturers of special ski boots for touring or mountaineering. Similar to PA12, both products offer exceptionally low densities as well as very appealing surface quality. They are easy to process and can be coloured as desired for applications in the sport/leisure segment. Similar to polyamide 12, the new Grilamid 2S products do not stiffen at low temperatures, as is the case with polyurethanes, for example. This increases user comfort and safety.

For realisation of very rigid and high-strength functional parts in the same application area, customers can also use Grilamid 2S FE 16182 ANTHRACITE, a PA610 injection moulding type with 30% long carbon fibres.This product is also the first partially bio-based and improved product with regard to sustainability in EMS-GRIVORY's range of long-fibre thermoplastics (LFT). EMS-GRIVORY also offers the possibility of use the completely bio-based polymer PA1010 to further increase the organic content of the compounds or to further reduce their footprint. First experimental products are already available. In addition to the use of bio-raw materials, EMS has been working CO2-neutral at its sites for several years through use of energy from wood and hydro-electricity. The polymers and compounds mentioned are all manufactuted at the Domar/Ems site in Switzerland, and benefit from this rather unique feature.

With its commitment to performance, sustainability and environmental protection, EMS-GRIVORY sets new standards in the world of winter sports and creates innovative materials that exceed the expectations of the industry.