EMS-GRIVORY receives the European Plastics Innovation Award

For the second time, Plastics Europe, the association of European plastics manufacturers, together with the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) has named the winners of the European Plastics Innovation Awards. EMS-GRIVORY is among the radiant award-winners of the evening - thanks to its innovative Grilamid products.


On Monday, September 18th, in Brussels, EMS-GRIVORY, the Swiss polyamide specialist, received the European Plastics Innovation Award in the category "Hybrid Product" for its innovative Grilamid products, used by sport article manufacturer Arc'teryx to make a ultra-lightweight touring ski boot: the Procline Lite.

Lightweight all-rounder

The Arc'teryx Procline Lite is a two-in-one solution for mountaineers. A ski and mountaineering boot which can be used for both difficult climbing routes as well as challenging downhill descents. The Grilamid products used are just as versatile as the boots themselves.

For the shell, Amer Sports used a specially modified, cold-impact strength Grilamid, which is characterised by very low density, good UV resistance, high surface quality and good flowability in injection moulding processes. This made it possible to realise a very thin-walled component. A further feature is the stiffness which, in contrast to other materials, remains nearly constant over a very wide temperature range.

High stiffness thanks to long-carbon fibers

The patented shell system for the uppers is made using long-carbon fiber reinforced Grilamid, which has very high stiffness and strength but an also very low density. This has the advantage that the boot gives better control when used walking uphill in the "walking mode" while providing the necessary stability during the downhill descent in "skiing mode". This Grilamid grade also has excellent cold impact strength. EMS-GRIVORY is proud of this award as it underlines once again that the versatile EMS product portfolio provides an optimal basis for innovative applications using high-performance polymers.