Significantly increased hydrolysis resistance

EMS-GRIVORY now offers highly hydrolysis resistant Grivory HT grades. These products are available with 40 and 50% glass-fibre reinforcement for applications in automotive construction, as well as for components in direct contact with drinking water and foodstuffs.


The new Grivory HT products are a further development of Grivory HT1V FWA and Grivory HTV-HY grades and make applications involving exposure to hot water or steam, as well as water-glycol mixtures at even higher operating temperatures or with longer life expectancy possible (see diagrams 1 and 2). At the same time, fatigue strength values at the weld line have been improved (see diagram 3). Toughness and processability of these grades are comparable to those of the well-known products Grivory HT1V FWA and Grivory HTV-HY.

Applications in direct contact with drinking water and foodstuffs

Grivory HT XE 10811 with 40% and HT XE 10812 with 50% glass-fibre reinforcement have been developed for applications involving direct contact with drinking water and foodstuffs. These grades satisfy the drinking water requirements in Europe (KTW and DVGW W270, ACS, WRAS) and the USA (NSF 61) as well as food regulations in the EU und the USA (FDA).

Applications in automotive construction

Grivory HT XE 10814 with 40% and Grivory HT XE 10815 with 50% glass-fibre reinforcement are available for applications in the field of automotive construction. Analogue to Grivory HT grades for applications in direct contact with drinking water and foodstuffs, these products are also halogen-free. In this way, the risk of contact corrosion from increased conductivity or creepage in moist environments is minimised.