Proven glasses concept smartly reviewed


EMS-GRIVORY offers the optical industry numerous innovative solution approaches which, in combination with Grilamid TR materials, can result in revolutionary and futuristic concepts.

Together with the partner companies uvex and Arburg, EMS-GRIVORY has developed a smart future concept for the manufacture of very high-quality, optically correct protective glasses, produced without any assembly steps and realised quickly and inexpensively as a one-part injection-moulded glasses frame.

Challenging requirements

As the glasses lens and frames form one cavity in the mould, the material characteristics of the Grilamid TR XE 3805 (PA12) used are given a special significance with regard to both optical and mechanical properties during manufacturing and use.
The temples, which transfer stress smoothly to the centre part and must fulfil a hinge-like function, must have high deformability and outstanding recovery properties while maintaining high component strength. Also required are UV protection up to 400 nm and excellent impact strength to ensure protection of the eyes.

Production live at the K trade fair

These smart, one-piece polyamide glasses will be manufactured as sunglasses filter category 2 in around 45 seconds per pair on an Arburg Allrounder 570 A, integrated into a Turn-Key unit, optically tested, laser-printed to ensure a one-hundred-percent traceability, and finally packed.