Prestigious Awards for EMS-GRIVORY

High-performance polymers from EMS-GRIVORY make the realisation of innovative components possible. Through clever use of these design materials, significant cost and weight savings can be achieved – especially in automotive applications. Two especially outstanding components were recently prestigious award winners.


EMS-GRIVORY has made a significant contribution to the development of high-quality innovative automotive components for more than 40 years. At the same time, the components themselves have also been subjected to steadily increasing requirements - they must make weight and fuel reduction possible while still satisfying demands regarding safety and quality. With the high-quality materials and comprehensive and competent technical service provided by EMS-GRIVORY, challenging application projects of this kind have been repeatedly realised. The latest example of this, are two applications which have received important awards.

High-precision component

In cooperation with EMS-GRIVORY, the German parts supplier Continental has developed a sensor module housing with integrated camera and an infrared LIDAR (light detection and ranging sensor) made of Grivory GVX-5H. This is installed in vehicles to recognise obstacles on the road and makes the driver aware of a possible collision. The housing of this sensor module supports the optical elements (infrared laser / camera lens) and is mounted directly behind the windscreen. In addition, its surface is designed with specially formed grooves which prevent irritating light reflections. This tailor-made surface structure creates special requirements on the injection-moulding process and the demoulding capabilities of the material used. Very close tolerances must also be kept to over a temperature range from -40 to +80 °C to ensure greatest precision of the laser and the lens. Grivory GVX-5H is reinforced with special glass fibers providing a significantly improved interaction between the fibres and the matrix and is particularly convincing with its low warpage, good flowability and torsional stiffness. So much innovation cannot go unnoticed: At the SPE-Award-Night on October 17, 2016, this innovative application was successful in taking first place in a high-quality field of competitors in the category "Electronical/Optical Part".

Low costs, low weight

The FTE automotive Company makes an electrical lubricating oil pump for Audi which is made of the high-temperature materials Grivory HT1VS-5H and Grivory HTV-4H1. This inexpensive and energy-saving pump is used in the seven-gear duplex-clutch gearboxes of the new Audi A4, A5, A6 and Q5 models. The intelligent component ensures that lubrication occurs according the requirements allowing lower fuel consumption and a resulting drop of up to 2 g/km in CO2 emissions to be achieved. Thanks to the Grivory HT materials used, the lubrication pump is characterised by very good resistance to gear oil at temperatures up to 150 °C, a high heat distortion temperature and excellent surface quality. It has also been possible to mould a specifically developed caoutchouc sealing material onto the plastic pump housing which is then vulcanised.

This innovative application received two awards: The SPE jury members awarded the lubrication pump 3rd place in the category "Powertrain" and in April 2016 this component received the PACE Award 2016 from Automotive News Magazine. This award, which has a 20-year history, is recognised worldwide as benchmark for innovation in the automotive industry. The PACE Award jury were particularly impressed that the lubrication pump combines a consistently lightweight and highly efficient design with low cost and amazing small installation space requirement.

EMS-GRIVORY is extremely proud of these prestigious awards which are a great incentive to continue to surprise the plastics' world with innovative solutions in the future.


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