Grivory G6VX-AP - Dimensional stability redefined

Grivory G6VX-AP (Advanced Performance) – the new generation of high-performance polyamides for high precision components – is characterised by extraordinary stiffness and impact strength with simultaneous high dimensional stability.


Smartphones and tablets, as well as more recently a varied range of wearables such as digital watches, fitness monitors, virtual-reality-glasses, etc., are continuing to show progressive development. Practically every well-known manufacturer now has at least one oversized model in the assortment. This involves displays which have a diagonal size of five or six inches or even more. In addition to the trend towards larger displays, Smartphones and tablets should also be thinner, which enormously increases the requirements on the mechanical properties.

The most significant requirements of new high-performance polymers are:

  • high dimensional stability
  • high stiffness, even with low wall thicknesses
  • high impact strength
  • high flow capability with simultaneous low flash formation
  • low warpage
  • excellent surface quality
  • simple processability

Grivory G6VX-AP products satisfy all these demands.

New product group for high precision and light-weight construction

EMS-GRIVORY is specialised in the manufacture of high-performance polyamides for use in mobile and wearable applications. The partially aromatic polyamide Grivory GV grades show practically unchanged stiffness and strength values even in a conditioned state. Reinforced Grivory GV high-performance polyamide grades exhibit very little warpage and are easy to process.
With the new Grivory G6VX-AP products, EMS-GRIVORY takes a further step forward and creates new solution approaches for highly stressed structural components. The Grivory G6VX-AP grades are based on a new partially aromatic polyamide. While conventional construction materials satisfy only a few of the above-mentioned demands, the new Grivory G6VX-AP products fulfil all requirements.

Higher performance with increased precision

This new generation of material is a well thought-out combination of fibres and polymers. These new products show improved dimensional stability, reduced flash formation and excellent surface quality with simultaneous high mechanical properties. Due to the reduced flash formation of the Grivory G6VX-AP products, no post-treatment is necessary thus allowing cost savings to be achieved. Despite their high mechanical stiffness, the Grivory G6VX-AP grades are very easy flowing and make it possible to use long flow paths with little pressure needed. These products allow efficient manufacturing of complex parts such as, for example, very thin structural frames for Smartphones or tablets.

Superior mechanical properties

The special product properties of Grivory G6VX-AP are the result of close cooperation work between EMS-GRIVORY and its customers. Three contrasting properties, high stiffness, high impact strength and excellent flowability, were optimised in one material. This combination makes the new product group unique. Thanks to the high stiffness values, thin-walled components with high impact and weld line strength can be manufactured. Due to the higher E-modulus and good flowability, components with even thinner-walled dimensions can be designed in future, allowing customers to save both weight and costs.

Tailor-made materials

Thanks to the unique properties of the Grivory G6VX-AP grades, these can also be used as "problem solvers" for successful end products. Based on different requirement catalogues, three products have so far been successfully launched onto the market. Besides smartphones and wearables Grivory G6VX –AP products are well suited for parts in any light weight sport devices as well as consumer or professional drones. Target industrial applications are mechatronic components for fluid and motion control such as pneumatic valves, regulators, controllers, drives, sensors and actuators.