A breath of fresh air thanks to Grivory GVX-6H

For the air vent lamella of the current Audi Q7 series, the Dr. Schneider Group puts its trust in Grivory GVX-6H: A demanding challenge, which the material passes with flying colours.


The Dr. Schneider Group is renowned for high-quality polymer products in the automotive sector – from innovative air ventilation systems to highly integrated cladding and covers to functionally demanding instrument panel modules and centre consoles. The air vent lamella of the current Audi Q7 series is also made by this supplier based in Kronach using high-performance polymers from EMS-GRIVORY.

A wide range of requirements

To qualify for use by Dr. Schneider to make the air vent lamellae, Grivory GVX-6H must satisfy a series of requirements. The lamellae are up to 335 mm long and as this is a visible part, excellent surface quality is necessary along the whole flow length. Swirls near the gating system caused by wrongly oriented glass fibers – this material has 60 weight-% glass fiber reinforcement – must be avoided and a precise ventilation system in the mould is needed to prevent surface porosity. Exact dimensional adjustment between the lamellae, housing and support is also essential.

Optimal properties

The partially aromatic polyamide Grivory GVX-6H easily satisfies all these requirements. Along with its good surface quality and chemical resistance, the material comes up tops with high dimensional stability as well as maximum stiffness and strength. Not least, its good flowability ensures optimal processability. In short, Grivory GVX-6H provides an optimal property package for this challenging application. The technical customer service of EMS-GRIVORY supports the Dr. Schneider Company in defining the exact processing window for problem-free production to achieve perfect quality levels.

In summary, the high-quality Grivory GVX-6H is convinces from start to finish!