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Proven glasses concept smartly reviewed

EMS-GRIVORY offers the optical industry numerous innovative solution approaches which, in combination with Grilamid TR materials, can result in revolutionary and futuristic concepts. One recent example of this will premiere at the K 2019.

Together with the partner companies uvex and Arburg, EMS-GRIVORY has developed a smart future concept for the manufacture of very high-quality, optically correct protective glasses, produced without any assembly steps and realised quickly and inexpensively as a one-part injection-moulded glasses frame.

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Grilamid TR – innovative material for medical applications

EMS-GRIVORY is market leader in the field of high-performance polyamides and sells a range of more than 100 products under the trade name Grilamid TR. The latest addition to this comprehensive product range is Grilamid TR FE 11292. This is the first transparent polyamide worldwide which can be repeatedly sterilised at temperatures of 134 °C using steam sterilisation processes, and which is therefore, particularly well-suited for use in medical applications.

Polymers are today among the most often used materials in the field of medicine. Medical products made of polymer materials are very versatile. They are used, for example, for disposable articles such as syringes, containers, catheters and face masks as well as protheses and implants. Medical instruments or certain components of these instruments are also made of polymer materials. Used in these innovative instruments, polymers make medical work easier. At the same time, they also contribute to safety of patients and doctors as they are resistant to breakage.

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Major expansion of process technology in the application development centre

The demands made on a material supplier's application development centre by customers include not only new polymers, but also innovative and economic processing methods. In order to maintain the latest state-of-the-art at the production site at Domat/Ems (Switzerland) in future as well, over the past two years, focussed investments have been made in new equipment for the manufacture of multi-layer components

Integration of function and design plays an increasingly important role in product development of polymer components today. This often requires use of several materials. In addition, increasing cost pressure demands a reduction in assembly and jointing processes. Special processes in injection-moulding, such as multi-component processes provide an inexpensive complete system solution.The term "multi-component injection-moulding" includes laminate and sandwich moulding processes. Laminate moulding is the injection of a soft or hard polymer material onto or around an already cured base component. Sandwich moulding allows the manufacture of multi-layer shaped parts with surface and core components.

EMS high-performance polyamides for an innovative rapid charging system

The long glass-fibre Grivory GVL-4H V0 is used in a rapid charger plug from Huber+Suhner. The EMS-polymer provides the required performance for this challenging application.

The Swiss cable specialist, Huber+Suhner, relies on long-glass fibre technology (LFT) from EMS-GRIVORY for the main components in its RADOX® HPC high-power charging system. The extremely tough long-glass fibre reinforced and flame protected high performance grade Grivory GVL-4H V0 makes reliable use of this car charging station system possible in rough daily use.
Also part of the charging system is a liquid-cooled cable. Thanks to the active cooling process, this cable can have a significantly smaller diameter than the through-put performance would make you believe, and is therefore, easier to handle. The cooling lines in this cable are also made of an EMS material: Grilamid L.

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Grilon BG-50 S: Innovative premiere in automotive interiors

Materials from EMS-GRIVORY make realisation of exceptional components possible. Which is why the EJOT Schweiz AG chose superior Grilon BG-50 S for an innovative lever handle in automotive interiors.

The Swiss subsidiary of EJOT GmbH & Co KG, EJOT Schweiz AG, is making the first serial lever handles for steering column adjustment involving specific requirements for strength and surface quality, using the MuCell injection moulding technology (physical foaming). The objective of the project was to achieve serial manufacturing of a lever handle satisfying all technical requirements such as minimum abusive force levels in horizontal and vertical loading directions, maximum crash energy of a knee impact including a defined breaking line for fracture behaviour and a very aesthetic surface quality for all visible areas.

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