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Metal replacement makes it possible: Headlamp Bracket


Developed by Jaguar Land Rover, the one-piece headlamp brackets made of Grivory GVL-4H reduces the weight of the assembly by 45% and replaces the previously used brackets made of aluminum and pressed steel sheet in various Jaguar models such as the all-electric I-PACE.

The elimination of post-processing time for the metal components reduces manufacturing costs by 30%. The long-fiber reinforced Grivory GVL-4H enables metal replacement thanks to its high notched impact strength and thus higher energy absorption in case of a crash. The one-piece injection molded part allows rapid assembly due to the elimination of components, and also maintains dimensional stability during the high temperature paint oven process. With the aid of rheological simulation calculations done by EMS’ CAE-Service, the component was adapted optimally to the available installation space.