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Great performance should be rewarded (EMS-GRIVORY)

EMS-CHEMIE AG was honored with the "Supplier of the Year 2019" award by Continental. Thanks to the successful partnership and innovative solutions in light-weight design and cost-reduction, EMS has proven itself against 160 competitors. more

Grilamid TR HT 170 makes your kitchen transparent (EMS-GRIVORY)

EMS-GRIVORY has developed a permanently transparent high-performance polymer for use in boiling water. This product is heat resistant, easy to pro-cess, dishwasher safe and contains no Bisphenol A (BPA). The sophisticated property profile makes Grilamid TR HT 170 first choice for every transparent application in the kitchen. more

We fight against bacteria – with PA-Sanitized (EMS-GRIVORY)

Every day people move from one place to another. While doing so, they touch and contaminate a variety of surfaces which means that bacteria and germs are spread and can be transmitted to other people. Bacteria are everywhere. Some of them, like those in our intestines, on our skin or in yoghurt, are healthy and useful. The wrong kind, for example pathogenic bacteria, or in the wrong place, they can make people ill. more