K 2013 Review

The K 2013 in Dusseldorf was a great success. Once again there were many visitors to the inviting EMS-GRIVORY stand: Compared to 2010 an increase in number of 16%.

Fakuma 2011

The colours red and white are not new for the EMS stand and even less for EMS itself! At the K 2013 these logo colours once again dominated the scenery on the EMS-GRIVORY trade fair stand. At first glance some similarities could be seen with the stand from 2010, and this was also intended. Despite this, the architecture of this year's stand was clearly different from that of previous years. One important factor, however – like the famous "Red Wall" – will always be present at EMS-GRIVORY stands: The open and inviting stand design! A correspondingly large number of visitors were present therefore, at the leading manufacturer of high-performance polyamides. There was nearly always a hive of activity at Stand E62 in Hall 6 and despite a larger number of meeting spaces the tables were never empty for long. At the end of the trade fair this could also be seen from the statistics: A new visitor record with a plus of 16%!

Coffee experience until the next K

The stand competition also met with great interest. First prize was a coffee a day until the next K trade fair in 2016 - including the coffee maker! Around 650 participants tried their luck, but only one winner can enjoy the well-known EMSpresso Feeling for the next three years. Congratulations to Mr Yunus Taskesen of the POLYTEC PLASTICS Company from Lohne in Germany.

Mr Yunus Taskesen of the POLYTEC PLASTICS Company from Lohne in Germany

Cult Party

Already on the second day of the trade fair, EMS-GRIVORY opened its doors on the legendary and best known party in Hall 6. While "Insiders" already occupied the best seats at the bar from early afternoon on, the majority of the guests arrived at around 5 p.m. The band's sound check already had them tapping their feet and with the first song at 6 p.m. with seconds the roof was raised on the stand and in the packed surrounding hallways. The counter was turned into a dance floor for the Cocktail Divas while the staircase to the first floor was quickly transformed into a stage for Joe Whitney's Streetlife Family. Nobody could accurately calculate how many party guests were present but based on the full hallways, and not least the quantity of drinks consumed, it can be assumed that the party also had a record number of guests.

The good atmosphere was not just limited to the party evening however. Every day good humour and satisfaction with the large number of visitors was apparent from the salespeople and service personnel. Anybody who has not yet experienced Stand E62 at the K Trade Fair should urgently make a date for the K 2016!