EMS-GRIVORY at the Fakuma 2018

The autumn is trade fair time for EMS-GRIVORY. At the Fakuma, the international expert trade fair for plastics processing held at Friedrichshafen (Germany) on the shores of Lake Constance from October 16 – 20, 2018, the polyamide specialist welcomed existing and new customers with innovative polymer applications, appetizing Swiss delicacies and a rousing stand party.

The Fakuma continues to write its success story: A well-frequented stand with many visitors, 44 additional exhibitors and a fully-booked exhibition area. The trade fair is changing more and more from a "familiar plastics marketplace" to an international trade event. Above all, the share of participants from the Asian region is increasing continually. The same picture can be seen with regard to exhibitors: After Germany and Italy, the third largest exhibitor group of 136 companies is from China, ranked above even Switzerland, Austria and France.

Large number of visitors

A pleasing situation for the trade fair organisers, but not without problems for the surrounding area: Every year, the large number of participants causes enormous traffic jams. The EMS-GRIVORY stand crew suffered the effects once more. Even though their hotel was located near the exhibition site with good road access normally requiring only fifteen minutes to arrive, it was necessary to leave at least 75 minutes before the start of the trade fair in order to avoid the worst traffic chaos.

But an early start also had its advantages in that there was more than enough time to prepare the stand for the storm of visitors to come. Especially on Wednesday and Thursday – the two days with by far the largest number of guests – this was worth its weight in gold.

Service team kept on their toes

There was plenty that needed doing, especially in the kitchen. The total 562 stand visitors during the regular trade fair opening times were treated again this year with culinary specialities from Switzerland. Around 12 kg Swiss alpine cheese and 15 kg of airdried meat were prepared for the popular EMS snacks. 1000 small nut cakes were distributed during the trade fair and around 10 kg finest Swiss chocolate consumed. This was without the 17 bottles of red wine and 35 bottles of white wine from a vineyard near the production site in Domat/Ems in Switzerland.

During the legendary EMS stand party, considered a cult event by visitors, on the second evening of the trade-fair, the more than 1000 guests – EMS customers and many other visitors, consumed 140 crates of beer. The EMS stand team had their hands full opening all the bottles, but the work was made easier by the rousing music from Joe Whitney and his band.


Where last year the Husqvarna rear frame and motorbike were centre of attention, this year the car seat from the new Opel Insignia GSi was enthroned. Seat shell and back support of the seat are made of a high-performance polymer from EMS-GRIVORY and make a weight-saving of 2 kg pro seat possible. Prominent in the spotlight, the seat and its components were a real eye-catcher and an excellent topic for discussions with our customers at the stand.

The new Grivory HT "High Hydrolysis Resistance" product line was also presented. These polymer materials have been specifically developed for permanent use in contact with water or cooling agents. They are much more resistant and have very high strength even after long periods of exposure to hot water. Whether in automotive cooling systems or coffee machines, Grivory HT "High Hydrolysis Resistance" provides higher performance in water.

No wonder that the many customer discussions provided new starting points for potential projects and EMS success stories. Something we look forward to!

Until next time!

The tried and proven trade fair concept – from the stand decorated in EMS red, white and black to the culinary treats and the stand party – worked well again this year. The internal personnel survey also showed, however, that there is still potential for improvement here and there. Suggestions received will now be checked thoroughly for possible implementation at the next trade fairs. Many thanks for the valuable feedback – and . . . until next time at the next major trade fair for EMS-GRIVORY – the "K" plastics trade fair and exhibition, October 2019 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Christian Morf
Vice President Sales & Marketing