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Grivory, Grilamid and Grilon LFT

Grivory, Grilamid and Grilon - Polyamides with Spine

Polyamides with Spine

Strong products with long fibers

LFT polyamides from EMS-GRIVORY are long-fiber reinforced structural materials based on the established polyamides Grivory GV and HT1, Grilamid PA12 and Grilon TS.

All products are reinforced with glass or carbon fibers, the length of which corresponds to a typical granulate length of 10 mm. The objective of this is to create a unique web-like fiber structure within the injection-moulded component, which significantly improves the thermal-mechanical properties compared to products reinforced with short fibers.

The products differ by the type of used polyamide as well as the type and quantity of reinforcement. The products are supplied dried and ready to use in bags or octabins. They can be processed using commercially available injection-moulding equipment.

EMS LFT products are used to manufacture structural components with very high requirements. These are characterised in particular by the following properties:

  • A combination of high stiffness and exceptional notched impact strength
  • Little change in the properties under the influence of temperature or moisture
  • Very low tendency to creep
  • Excellent permanent strength
  • Low warpage

Preferred applications for these LFT polyamides are challenging metal replacement applications. The excellent properties of the proven products supplied by EMS-GRIVORY are increased once again by the reinforcement with long fibers.


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