Matrix soluble yarn for high performance composites

Matrix soluble yarn for high performance composites


EMS-GRILTECH, Business Unit of EMS-CHEMIE AG (CH), a world leader in the production of fibers and technical yarns, developed the Matrix Soluble Yarn Grilon MS, a hi-tech yarn employed in the composite sector which is covered by an international patent.

Matrix Soluble Yarn is a phenoxy resin yarn, used in the production of UD and multi-axial fabrics in carbon, aramide and glass fibers, to obtain composites featuring improved mechanical properties.

After the resin infusion process (especially RTM) but before final curing, the yarn completely dissolves in the epoxy matrix, being of the same chemical composition. Matrix Soluble Yarn ensures to obtain a composite made of two components only, reinforcing fiber + yarn, eliminating theferfore any problems concerned with auxiliary mateirals in the matrix.

The use of Matrix Soluble Yarn as a sewing thread in the production of multi-axial fabrics, tailored fiber placement or 3D fabrics, provides several advantages, most of all an increased specific strength qualities.

Another advantage offered by Matrix Soluble Yarn is its thermoplastic attitude which helps the pre-forming of the fabric, avoiding any distortion before and during the infusion of the resin. Ultimate researches confirm an increasing employment of this process in the future, because it's more competitive and performing compared to the traditional prepeg process.

In a constantly expanding market, the research for new composites, with extremely performing features and versatility at the same time is an exciting challenge to EMS and it is a commitment to make the best use of all the available resources.

The absolute excellence of the product Matrix Soluble Yarn is confirmed by the nomination for the JEC Innovation Award 2007.

Besides the hi-tech yarn for the composite industry, the range of EMS products also includes fusible bonding yarns, Combi, thermosoluble and bicomponent threads, all of which are largely employed both in the traditional and technical industry. Expotex, the specialized company for the marketing of hi-tech yarns, is the dynamic Italian partner of EMS that deals with the distribution of the product and contributes actively in the research of new applications.