EMS Group: Share repurchase at CHF 180.-- per share

EMS Group: Share repurchase at CHF 180.-- per share


At the financial media conference on February 15, 2008, EMS announced the repurchase of registered shares in EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG by virtue of tradeable put options for the purpose of capital reduction in order to return to the shareholder funds no longer required for the operative business.
The detailed offer is now available. A tradeable put option will be allocated to each EMS share. 15 put options entitle to redeem one EMS share at a price of CHF 180.--. This corresponds to a premium of 25.8% compared with the closing price on March 25, 2008 of CHF 143.10.
The repurchase volume is CHF 301 Mio. and 6.67% of the share capital respectively.

The put options will be traded under the ISIN number CH0038668924 at the SWX Swiss Exchange from March 28, 2008 up to and including April 11, 2008. Exercise of the put options will occur on April 14, 2008.

Further information can be obtained from advertisements which will be published on March 27, 2008.

EMS will presumably inform about the final result of the repurchase on April 15, 2008.