EMS-GRILTECH at Techtextil Frankfurt May 24 to 26, 2011

EMS-GRILTECH at Techtextil Frankfurt May 24 to 26, 2011


EMS-GRILTECH: Hotmelt Adhesives and Technical Fibers

EMS-GRILTECH is a Business Unit of EMS-CHEMIE AG with corporate offices, research and development, technical service centre and production facilities located in Domat/Ems, Switzerland. Additional production plants and technical service centres are located in Neumünster, Germany and Sumter, SC (USA). Further sales offices and customer service labs are located in Osaka, Japan and Hsin Chu, Taiwan.

EMS-GRILTECH, the Polymer Expert!

All our core products are developed and produced in our own facilities.
GRILTEX are hotmelt adhesives based on Copolyamides and Copolyester, which are available in granules or powder form. GRILON, NEXYLON and NEXYLENE are technical fibers based on PA 6, PA66, CoPA, CoPES and PPS. With our extensive know-how in polymer technology we are able to develop new hotmelt adhesives and fibers for wide-ranging fields of application.


Specially designed hotmelt adhesives are used in a wide range of applications such as automotive, filtration, home textiles, apparel interlinings, packaging, transfer labels and medical. The development of new polymers creates opportunities to enter new markets for hotmelt adhesives outside the field of textiles. Metal, glass, PVC and other even surfaced materials are examples of new applications where thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives are used. Our products fulfil all requirements for environmental compatibility, recycling and fast process cycle times. FDA approval as well as REACH conformity are added benefits of our Griltex products.


The brand name GRILON stands for an extensive range of fibers based primarily on polyamides. Our high resistant fibers are extensively used for the manufacture of Paper Machine Cloth (PMC). Melt bonding fibers made out of CoPA or CoPES, as either full profile or as bicomponent fiber, are an outstanding specialty and are used in a vast range of applications. The fine count fibers have a very soft textile touch and are used for apparel interlinings and for textile spun yarns. For carpets, spun dyed fibers with a coarser count are preferred. A wide range of colours is possible. The advantages of spun dyed (solution dyed) fibers are easier processing and better colour fastness compared to stock-dyed fibers, which are immersed in a dyebath.


The brand name NEXYLON stands for PA66 fibers, which are specifically used in the abrasives market. PA 66 fibers show a high resistance against cleaning agents and chemicals as well as very good abrasion resistance. Their high tenacity is beneficial during manufacturing and in the final application. The high chemical resistance is a requirement for battery separators.


High temperature resistant polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) Nexylene fibers are the preferred choice for hot gas filtration. Highly efficient filter constructions are possible with this new amorphous PPS fiber.

NEWS presented at Techtextil

High flexible Copolyester adhesives

The newly developed high flexible Griltex Copolyesters are suitable for textiles with soft touch as well as for technical applications with high bonding requirements. These Copolyesters are available in a melting range from 115 °C to 150 °C. High viscosity versions can be used for the manufacture of adhesive films and webs.

Copolyester to bond on even surfaces

New Griltex Copolyesters from EMS-GRILTECH are used to bond smooth surfaces such as aluminium or other metals, as well as PET. The flexible character of these adhesives can compensate or minimize the tension between substrates with different expansion coefficients. The Copolyesters are available with different viscosities in the melting range of 120 °C to 150 °C.

NEXYLENE S 970 - an amorphous PPS Fiber

New in the fiber product range of EMS-GRILTECH is NEXYLENE S 970 an amorphous PPS fiber, which is used for bonding of pure PPS Nonwovens. After thermo bonding there is no difference in the melt behaviour between the crystalline and the initial amorphous fiber.

Antibacterial Fibers

Further new products in the fiber range are bacteriostatic fibers. Silver- and zinc-ions incorporated in these fibers guarantees the bacteriostatic effect over a long period of time. The use of these fibers is wide reaching, for example, shoe liners to prevent foot odour, sports wear, mattress and medical use.

Spun dyed polyamide fibers

Compared to stock-dyed fibers, which are immersed in a dye bath, spun dyed (solution dyed) fibers are much easier to process and have better colour fastness. The opening on the carding machine is excellent with reduced fiber damage and the finished substrate has an outstanding fleece picture.

EMS-GRILTECH, creative - prompt - reliable

Celebrating our 75th anniversary, EMS-GRILTECH represents many years of experience in our core market segments. Working closely with our customers enables us to continue to develop and manufacture new and innovative products, which satisfy changing market requirements. Technical developments in our service centres and at customer's facilities and outstanding customer service are all key to our continued success.

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Business Unit EMS-GRILTECH

GRILTEX, GRILON, NEXYLON, NEXYLENE are registered trade marks of EMS-CHEMIE AG.