Annual General Meeting of EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG

Annual General Meeting of EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG


The invitation to the Annual General Meeting of the EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG, held on August 8, 2009, in Domat/Ems was again followed by the shareholders with a large gathering of around 1'039 people. The shareholders approved all motions submitted by the Board of Directors. A total of 18'477'626 registered shares were represented, corresponding to 88.85% of shares entitled to vote. The event was given a musical accompaniment by talented young opera singers from the "Schlossoper Haldenstein" led by Daniel Jakobi (piano) and Marcus Bosch (artistic management) as well as members of the tambourine society Domat/Ems led by tambourine major Curdin Caviezel.

The Annual General Meeting approved the appropriation of retained earnings, i.e. the payment of an ordinary dividend of CHF 5.00 gross (CHF 3.25 net) per dividend-bearing registered share and the carrying forward of the balance. The total net dividend of CHF 3.25 per registered share (Val. number 1.644.035, ISIN CH0016440353) will be payable as of August 12, 2009 (ex date).

The Annual General Meeting appointed the present members of the Board
of Directors Dr Ulf Berg, Magdalena Martullo, Dr Hansjörg Frei and Dr Werner Prätorius for a further term of office of one year. Egbert Appel did not stand for re-election due to his numerous other commitments.

The Annual General Meeting also elected KPMG AG, Zurich, as statutory auditors for another term of one year.