New Grilamid TR - crystal clear and tough

Grilamid TR XE 11501 is the latest addition to the renowned Grilamid TR product assortment. This material combines well-known strengths while coming up trumps with new properties.


The new Grilamid TR XE 11501 is a combination of the best properties of the Grilamid TR family. It combines the high stiffness of Grilamid TR 30 with the optical quality, ductility and toughness of Grilamid TR 90. Compared to TR 90, this new product has a more than 44% higher modulus of elasticity while still achieving the high transparency and clarity of the TR 90. The optical values are at a very high level anyway with 0.2% haze and a yellow index of YI = 1.5.

Expanded property portfolio

But Grilamid TR XE 11501 also comes up trumps with other property values: Flow capability has been clearly improved again compared to existing Grilamid TR grades, thus making the manufacture of very thin-walled components possible. In addition, the material – and this is a further significant difference to the existing TR product family – exhibits ductile breaking behaviour. This means that when breaks, Grilamid TR XE 11501 breaks, no splitters are formed; a fact of central importance for the safety-relevant aspects of many applications.

Focus on safety

Based on these property values, Grilamid TR XE 11501 is particularly well suited for the children's toys segment where high safety is absolutely essential, applications in automotive interiors, which as a rule require good crash behaviour, as well as protective covers and supporting structures in mobile telephones where very low wall-thicknesses are sometimes required.