Strong performance in a hot environment

EMS-GRIVORY presented the new High Heat product Grivory HT2VS-HH at the K 2013. In the meantime, first applications using this high-heat stabilised polyamide are being used with convincing results all along the line!


Currently valid legislation requires that the automotive industry reduce fuel consumption per vehicle. Due to this development, requirements on polymers used in under-the-bonnet applications are steadily increasing. The so-called "downsizing" creates higher temperatures in this area and brings many plastic materials to their performance limits.
EMS-GRIVORY approached this problem at an early stage and has developed a new generation of high-performance polymers with maximum permanent temperature resistance which provide the solution: Grivory HT2VS-HH. The High Heat Polyamides are based on Grivory HT2 which has been successful in the market for many years and is excellently suited for long-term use under extreme permanent temperatures.

Safe and reliable

Grivory HT2VS-HH grades are now in use in first automotive applications. For an emergency gear release for the Audi Q7, for example the automotive supplier DURA Automotive Systems relies on Grivory HT2VS-3HH. The emergency release system is needed when e.g. the car battery is flat, the electronic systems fail or the car key has been lost and the drive lever is blocked in the "P" position. As this component is part of an emergency system, it must always work safely and reliably even after very long exposure to high temperatures or other environmental influences.
Grivory HT2VS-3HH passes this test with flying colours. Suitable for use at temperatures up to 270°C, the material exhibits excellent heat aging over a temperature range from 180 - 220°C with – in contrast to other heat-stabilised materials - no performance loss over the complete temperature range. Using this EMS material, which by the way, also has excellent surface quality, significant cost savings can be achieved compared to previously used PEEK.

The emergency gear release from DURA is only one example of how the new High Heat Polyamides provide top performance under challenging conditions.