Logistics made easy

The French composites specialist TRILOGIQ, manufactures the connecting joints for its GRAPHIT logistics storage system of EMS materials. This provides not only weight savings, but also makes the system more flexible and durable.


To date, logistics storage systems and racks were made mainly of steel. Although these systems were developed further over time, becoming lighter in weight and more flexible, they have still remained heavy, rigid and unwieldly metal structures. The French plastics specialist TRILOGIQ offers a modular logistics storage system called GRAPHIT which is way ahead of earlier metal systems with regard to innovation, weight and flexibility. The system can be assembled, adjusted and taken apart again in the twinkling of an eye.

Significant weight savings

The main components of the new system are the connector joints which connect carbon, aluminium or stainless steel tubes together. These connecting elements are made from either glass-fibre reinforced Grilon TSG-60 or carbon-fibre reinforced Grivory GC-4H. A further advantage of these high-performance polymer materials are their low weight. Connector joints made of Grilon TSG-60 weigh up to 50 percent less than the same element made of steel; with Grivory GC-4H, weight savings of even up to 60 percent can be achieved.

More elasticity

The EMS materials are processed in a two-component injection-moulding method together with a high-performance TPU. While the elastomer provides the necessary grip to the metal tubes, the EMS products provide outstandingly high strength and dimensional stability. The glass-fibre reinforced Grilon TSG-60 in particular, brings the advantage with regard to flexibility that compared to steel, it easily returns to its original shape after suffering an impact, thus reducing the risk of bending or damage to the metal tubes.

A further benefit: Compared to steel parts, moisture, rust and chemicals have no effect on the connection joints made of EMS high-performance polymers. As these are also coloured throughout and not just surface painted, the appearance of the elements, which are available in any preferred colour, does not suffer even after knocks or scratches.

Thanks to EMS high-performance polymers, TRILOGIQ has been successful in squaring the circle: A modular logistics storage system which can be assembled and reassembled as often as required while being tougher and lighter in weight than previous systems made of metal.


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