Higher performance in water

The high hydrolysis stability Grivory HT "High Hydrolysis Resistance" is the latest supplement to the Grivory HT assortment from EMS-GRIVORY. This product line offers highest hydrolysis resistance at elevated temperatures – but this is not the only positive point.


In automotive cooling systems, sanitary applications and various other applications in the field of industry and consumer goods, plastics are required, which have longterm resistance to hot water, steam or cooling agents. This means that excellent hydrolysis resistance is a basic prerequisite for use in these challenging applications. With Grivory HT "High Hydrolysis Resistance", EMS-GRIVORY has launched a product line which opens up new possibilities for applications involving permanent contact with water. Grivory HT "High Hydrolysis Resistance" is characterised by highest hydrolysis even at elevated temperatures. The Grivory HT1VA grade for example, ("A" stands for Aqua, Latin for water) has 30% higher retained strength values after 12,000 hours in water at 95°C, than a traditional PPA.